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npx and npm are both command line tools that are used to install and run packages from the Node Package Manager (npm) registry. However, there are some key differences between the two tools.


NPM stands for Node Package Manager. It is a Java-script package manager and the default package manager for Node projects. It is used to install packages and manage their versions and dependencies.It comes with a command-line interface (CLI) used to interact with the online database of NPM. This database is called the NPM Registry. To add or update packages, we use the NPM CLI to interact with this database. 

Here’s an example of how you would use npm to install the package and save it as a dependency in your project:


NPX stands for Node Package Execute. Npx is a tool that is bundled with npm, starting from npm version 5.2.0. It allows you to run npm packages. It allows developers to execute any Java-script package available on the NPM registry without even installing it

Here’s an example of how you would use npx to run the create-react-app package to create a new React app:

One of the main differences between npx and npm is that npm is designed for use in long-term projects, whereas npx is better suited for temporary or one-off tasks.


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